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there are four marshmallows that look like polar bears on top of the snow
Polar Bear Pops! #NormoftheNorth
polar bear hot chocolate marshmallows in mugs
Polar Bear Hot Chocolate - Mom Endeavors
Kids will LOVE polar bear hot chocolate!!! So fun & easy to make!!!
two white plates topped with pastries covered in marshmallows and powdered sugar
Polar Storm! #NormoftheNorth #NormoftheNorthSweeps #GoodMorning #KidsFood #Anthropologie
a white teddy bear sitting next to a plate of snowballs with a book in the background
Snowball Cookies
Start a new family holiday tradition this year! Perhaps gift Snowball Cookies via @rachael_yerkes' recipe to a neighbor or bring Snowby the adorable Polar Bear home for the holidays! #NorthpoleFun #ad
a cupcake with white frosting and black decorations on it's face is shaped like a polar bear
Polar bear cupcakes
Polar Bear Cupcake Recipe - Cupcakes
a close up of a white animal made out of felt
Good night, Posterous
Polar Bear- for artic animals unit
cupcakes with white frosting and black faces are arranged on a glass plate
An Arctic Birthday Blast
That Mommy Blog: An Arctic Birthday Blast Polar Bear Cupcakes
cupcakes with white frosting and chocolate toppings on a platter next to a christmas tree
Christmas Cupcake Ideas Polar Bear Cupcakes
a white teddy bear sitting on top of a cupcake covered in frosting and sprinkles
How to Make an adorable hugable polar bear cupcake
This is one polar bear we wouldn't be scared to encounter out in the arctic! This teeny little dude even reaches forward to us with his hands outstretched into a big hug. Marshmallow paws, a coconut flake-sprinkled body, and iced on chocolate features make this polar bear almost too cute to eat...almost. This is a wonderful treat to serve at your kid's next birthday party or even to make just because it's so cute.
two cupcakes with frosting on them are shaped to look like a polar bear
Polar Bear Cupcake made by my sister. Use an upside down choc. chip mini muffin as the nose. Frost. Sprinkle with coconut, mini choc chips for feature and white choc. Pretzels for the ears.
a white plate topped with lots of cookies and marshmallows
Sweet and Simple Things
Polar Bear Snack After the experiment the kids wanted to make a polar bear snack. They thought of using an apple with marshmallow legs and even thought of putting the goldfish all around for the polar bear to eat! It was great to watch their creativity!
a plate topped with yogurt and blueberries next to a bowl of fruit
Polar Bear Yogurt Snack | CBC Parents
Polar Bear Yogurt Snack. A super-easy snack to get kids excited about cold winter weather.
a cake shaped like a polar bear sitting on top of a blue plate
Polar Bear Cake
Polar bear cake do do do do do I'm loven it!
four cupcakes with teddy bears on them sitting on a tablecloth covered in blue and white stripes
Polar bear cupcakes
Polar bear cupcakes - Cake by Despoina Karasavvidou-Osuala
decorated cookies in the shape of polar bears with red and white sweaters on them
Polar Bear Cookies
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