So clever - use an old lotion bottle to make a phone holder

DIY: Holder for Charging Cell Phone (made from lotion bottle) ~ THIS is a fabulous idea! The thin plastic lotion bottle will protect and keep the cord organized in one spot and perfect for traveling!

a simple solution for saving energy

"Live Socket", an iteration that takes away the bother of pulling the plug once we are done with an appliance. Child safe and energy friendly, this design is clever and practical too! (very clever!

Make your keys super easy to find with these adorable cork keyrings

El hada de papel: Llavero / Key ring / Schlüsselanhänger - another idea for all those wine corks!

Simple yet effective!

make a wish! That "make a wish!" statement coupled w/the photo just slammed me a plethora of wonderful childhood memories - I love it!

Pallet herb garden!  Maybe if you extended the shelves out kinda like it was leaning? That way you can pick the herbs more easily and they can get all the sun/water they need

[I think this idea is clever, practical yet beautiful]. Quick & easy pallet idea -- beautiful vertical herb garden DIY -- love the paint color choice. It would be so fun to pay with different fonts on the labels, too.


LEGOS- this is my life and I love it (most of the time! Those darn Legos hurt)!

Cool stuff for the office

Stickman Bookmarks: The ‘Help!’ Bookmark is a Paperclip with Arms

Beautiful Paper Roses by Karolina Rose! Perfect for Valentine's Day and Gifts #upcycled

Hand made upcycled paper rose by Karolina Rose. Made with Endless Love sheet music on high quality red paper. A perfect gift for Valentines Day.