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Being taken seriously

If the land of confusion does exist, more likely than not it reserves a special place for the concept of serious. It’s common to hear people state their desire to be taken seriously – in life, in the workplace, in their social circles generally. It’s especially evident when people feel they are not being taken seriously, their lack of gravitas... Read more →

How young people understand social class - Social Theory Applied Social Class, Young People, Theory, Identity, How To Apply, Posts, Culture, Education, Reading
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How young people understand social class - Social Theory Applied

This is another post linked to the event: BERA 2013 Conference: Social Theory and Education SIG papers – the paper is entitled: 'Direct, Indirect and

Startups are sprouting everywhere. Do they need SEO as a part of their internet marketing strategy to get the visibility they deserve? Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Marketing News, When Enough Is Enough, New Market, Great Words, Just Me, Seo, About Me Blog
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When Enough is Enough

Donald Winnicott’s concept of the good enough mother has endured past its psychoanalytic origins, gaining an unusual level of popularity since its first airing in 1953. No wonder, as Winnicott offers a logical and reasoned rebuttal to the unachievable concept of the perfect mother: A mother is neither good nor bad nor the product of illusion, but is a separate and independent... Read more →

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What Lies Beneath

Earlier this year a study was carried out on women and their first impressions of other women. It turns out that the first thing women notice about other women is how fat they are (closely followed by how much make up, dress sense, hair style … the usual suspects). The report was carried out by a hidden-brace specialist, so it... Read more →

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Keeping Up Appearances

Anthropologists have the wonderful task of documenting social behaviour in various cultures and geographies, and travel to the far ends of the earth and the most exotic of locations to do so. One wonders though how necessary this travel is, when the peculiar habits and customs of people are ever present in their own cultures, staring them right in the... Read more →

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The In Crowd

It would be unwise to assume that the ‘dirty look’ is somehow gender specific. This site takes it as a given that the capacity to give someone a dirty look, as it were, is not an exclusively female phenomenon. Nor is it the preserve of any particular age group or social class. We’re all at it, most of the time... Read more →

Welsh actress Rachel Roberts, Academy Award nominee for ‘This Sporting Life,’ killed herself on this day, November Alan Sillitoe, Rachel Roberts, Picnic At Hanging Rock, Arts Award, Studio City, British Actresses, Arctic Monkeys, Over Dose, Best Actress

God Knows What I Am

The title is taken from a scene out of Saturday night and Sunday morning, a 1960 British movie directed by Karel Reisz and adapted from Alan Sillitoe’s novel of the same name. The most famous line out of this scene is ‘Whatever people say I am, that’s what I am not’, popularised by the band Arctic Monkeys (praised by the... Read more →

We asked a few of our hiring manager friends: Which job candidate still stands out as going above and beyond in the application or interview process? Interview Techniques, Interview Process, Job Interview Tips, Job Interviews, Finding A New Job, Interpersonal Relationship, The Better Man Project, Mind Tricks, Job Offer
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The Right Bearing

Interviews are situations to be endured rather than enjoyed, a necessary evil in the recruitment and promotion of labour. They may change format and duration (2-3 day interviews are surprisingly commonplace), but the principle is the same – the presentation of self to be judged by other people who are more important than you. As a result, they are unavoidably... Read more →

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Fat is a Relational Issue

Which celebrities are fat? Who has lost/gained weight? Are your friends fat? Are your children fat? Do people think you’re fat? A societal canary in the coalmine, the strange and disturbing obsession with weight should ring more alarm bells than it currently does. The obsession has created its own industry, an industry devoted to weight loss and the creation of... Read more →

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A Sense of Belonging

For such a deeply personal concern, it’s odd how everybody yearns for a sense of belonging, a sense frustratingly just outside our grasp. The desire to belong is a defining characteristic of the nomadic individual (another nail in the philosophy of consciousness right there). Having the sense that you are not on your own, that you are accepted as someone... Read more →

Used this in school to lift some work we were doing on peer pressure. Lord love 'em, they didn't really get it. Social Class, Social Science, Peer Pressure, American Children, Love S, Comics, Crabs, Barrels, Fictional Characters
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Crabs in Barrels

Recent research in the social sciences indicates the power of neighbourhoods as a key factor in the reproduction of social class differentials (poor neighborhoods key in income difference, study finds). Working in the North American context, researchers have found that “being raised in poor neighbourhoods plays a major role in explaining why African American children from middle-income families are far more likely... Read more →

Speed of the sound of loneliness

Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

Often covered, never bettered, John Prine’s ‘Speed of the sound of loneliness’ carries an emotional weight that sets it well apart from the standard Stetson country set. Like most country songs, it’s about misery and heartache, but its take on the sensation of loneliness assures it the status of a modern standard. Not unusual for songs that do attain classic... Read more →

The trouble with school

The Trouble With School

One of the few decent movies about education and schools, Dead Poets Society (1989) saw Robin Williams play Mr. Keating, an English teacher newly arrived at Welton Academy for Boys, a boarding school for the privileged sons of America. Mr. Keating is a rebel among conformists, a teacher dedicated to bringing poetry alive, a romantic who saw teaching as a way of... Read more →

So, you’ve arrived at a Jesuit school. Tim O’Brien, SJ offers ways to make the most of the next four years. Schools Around The World, Around The Worlds, School Ties, King's College, Windsor Castle, Our Lady, City Lights, Public School, Nice View

You and the Old School Tie

When together, images of David Cameron and George Osborne (British Prime Minister and Chancellor respectively) trigger in many minds the power of the ‘old school tie’ – the old boys’ network where the saying ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ rings loud and true. They represent a sense of confidence, assuredness and authority that can only come... Read more →

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Senses Working Overtime

Teachers (that’s Kurt from the British show above: less teaching, more drinking) are notorious for working long hours and in many cases taking their work home with them. The contracted 40 hours is for many in the profession a baseline, rather than a maximum. Marking and preparation are as often completed at the dinner table as they are in the... Read more →

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The Politics of the Playground

Like the workplace, schools provide fertile ground for Dirty Looks and its desire to explore the relational world, a world in which caring what other people think may be frustrating and often self-defeating, but ultimately unavoidable. Arguably more than teachers, the collective judgements of peers exert an intense hold over young people, to the extent where the power of peer... Read more →