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Pointlessly Gendered Products

This board is a collection of products separated into male and female versions. Sound innocuous? Here's why it's a problem and who it hurts:

Pointlessly Gendered Products

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For XY fingernails only! (Thanks @ megmantis!)

  • Bertha Mason
    Bertha Mason

    XY =/= male. Using "XY" as shorthand for male erases and misgenders trans and intersex people.

Thanks @ wegotwits!

  • Covinskey

    I don't think these count as pointlessly gendered. They're pink because of breast cancer awareness, but they don't seem to be marketed solely towards women.

Gendered onesies (thanks @NFQblog, @Halfrican_One, @ztsamudzi, and @loveorchid77).

Zoe Samudzi on Twitter
  • shreen


  • Jen Stanull
    Jen Stanull

    Body shaming in infancy???

  • Hans Bergström
    Hans Bergström

    How am I supposed to know which one is for boys when there's no sign above?

  • Juanita Blaz
    Juanita Blaz

    So very wrong.

Facials for men (thanks @ _al_man and @ carlyhawk!)

Alissa on Twitter

Even pet shampoo is gendered - @ loveorchid77

Gendered construction/safety gear. Thanks to Lisa Wiland!

More gendered bread from Maia in Toronto

  • April Rose
    April Rose

    omg o.O..... how does that make any sense?

From Em: "These Playboy chocolates were sold here in Germany for Valentine's Day... Men get Whiskey, Mocca-Rum and Espresso (Alcohol! And bitterness! And dark colors! Only motor oil flavored chocolates could be less threatening to your performance of masculinity!) "Girls" get Cappuccino, Nougat, and Raspberry-Prosecco flavor. I suppose raspberries are pink." Thanks! :)

  • TraceVonD

    LOL I'm so glad they gendered my food, my delicate feminine organs wouldn't be able to process all that boy food

  • Sullie K.
    Sullie K.

    They have saw dust and motor oil scented candles I'm pretty sure.

I’m in Bolivia at the moment, where they sell water geared specifically towards women - it’s not flavoured or altered in any way - just plain old water in a pink bottle!

Unnecessarily Gendered Products

Gendered marshmallows at Amsterdam airport

Unnecessarily Gendered Products

German soup packages for ‘Princesses and Firefighters’

Unnecessarily Gendered Products

punkiraq: an actual advertisement seen in science magazine

Unnecessarily Gendered Products
  • Maureen Eggert
    Maureen Eggert

    I guess that the band goes around his penis instead of his wrist?


Unnecessarily Gendered Products

Trader Joes cowboy cowgirl bark.  Sperate but not equal…his is rugged.  Love your blog.

Unnecessarily Gendered Products

Gendered bookmarks at Barnes&Noble

Unnecessarily Gendered Products

“$2.50 premium for [the] pink” thermometer. Wow! Thanks @ avanalstyne!

Andrew Van Alstyne on Twitter

Kids chocolate for boys (thanks @ anaabelson!)

Anna Abelson on Twitter

“Spotted: gendered tensor bandages! The women's is smaller yet costs $1 more. "Slim silhouette"!” (Thanks @ Ali_Rodney!)

Alexandra Rodney on Twitter

Male: explorer, gets sharks & sting ray. Female: diver without purpose, gets dolphin and starfish. (thanks to @ jenfoolery and @ darwinwoodka!)

Pink and blue extension outlets, from @ Day_Jess.

  • Jenny K.
    Jenny K.

    Tho I agree that there are many pointlessly gendered items out there, it's instances like these that show how the observer is a part of the problem. There is nothing in this photo to indicate that either color is marketed to one gender specifically. Would you still call it pointlessly gendered if it was a pic of the black extension cord to the left, a green one & an orange one? To me this is NOT an instance of pointlessly gendered items but an instance of a person erroneously crying gender bias

  • Covinskey

    I agree with Jenny K.

  • Moe Devlin
    Moe Devlin

    This one is false. First, there is a black one. second, this product also comes in red, yellow, a light teal, and white.

  • Moe Devlin
    Moe Devlin

    Also, those colors were probably right beside the black one, if it's anything like the store that I'm thinking of. Too often people will do something like this for their own intentions, and it's not cool, and also not helpful to the cause if you go crying wolf when there's no wolf there.

"Stonemill Bakehouse has put out two kinds of bread-- one labelled for men and one for women. They have slight differences in their recipes." Sent in by @ HigherEdChange, @ wendysawatzky and @ Interesting_IP

Pointlessly gendered products. Just because they're small, doesn't mean they're for women...

  • Johnae Bocanegra
    Johnae Bocanegra

    Paint /dye/diy! That's what I always did!

  • Nancy Couturier
    Nancy Couturier

    If we're going to make broad generalization in order to be "right," why don't they make Asian headphones then? Lots of Asians in the US. Why don't they tap into the Asian market then, since, in general, they're smaller in frame? Or why not call these "small chick's & Asian" headphones?

  • Johnae Bocanegra
    Johnae Bocanegra

    In Asia, their headphones ARE ALL smaller. Order 'em online. Just get regular damn headphones you Amazonian!

  • cottonwood

    The point is that they're *not* actually "women's" headphones. That's all marketing/brainwashing. What they are in reality are just smaller headphones for smaller people. You'll notice that they don't just make the smaller size the non-gendered default product, and larger ones specially for men. Because that would be ridiculous, because being "man-sized" isn't a special case, and lots of women use the bigger sizes too. But for some reason we think it makes sense the other way around.

  • Maresa Jacobse
    Maresa Jacobse

    Johnae, I think you really are missing the point. What if they would have called the headphones 'for Asians', would we not feel that is racist? Why would we not feel the same if it is a gender issue instead of race? The point was never that you can buy something that is not marketed to you, of course you can. The point is that it makes no sense that it is in fact not marketed to you and you are being excluded because you are not the norm (and how many of us are the norm, really).

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"Classic Strong Man Granola" (thanks @ uauage!)

Sol Kawage on Twitter