Women vs. People

This board features cases that expose the fact that men are the default human, with women on the sidelines. For analysis, click through any image or visit…
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a sign that says building sets and girls buildings sets on the side of a building
What’s wrong with this Target sign? | CNN
Target toy aisle sign sparks gender criticism
several portable toilets are lined up in a row
Women vs people port-o-potties. Thanks @ sweetweet422!)
pink and black items are on display in a store
annacado toast on Twitter
Generic junior ranger and *~princess park ranger~* (thanks @ annamccachren!)
many different types of rubber ducks on a white surface
Says Karen A.: This is a picture of a set of stickers I was given as a gift. For the female ducks, the only options are to be pink and adorn herself with pearls purple and wear flowers pink, have blonde hair and wear a sexy red dress. All while the male ducks are shown in interesting careers/activities such as fireman, ninja, baseball player, chef, punk rocker, superhero, villain, and chef.
a blue and white sign with a man holding the hand of a child
Counterexample: a man with daughter - in use in Austria since at least the '50s, according to reader Ursula L.
two pink and blue notebooks sitting next to each other on a wooden table top
Pointlessly Gendered Parent's Books (thanks @ familyunequal!)
a comic strip with an image of a man talking to a woman in front of a window
Male is the genderless default category.
two boxes of earplugs are on the shelf next to one box of earplugs
Generic and "women's earplugs" (thanks @ omar_lizardo!)
a white sign that says shopper crossing on the side of a pole with street lights in the background
RogueTrina on X
Stick figure shoppers suddenly sprout pony tail and skirt (thanks @RogueTrina!)
two orange bags with pink bows are on sale for $ 3 99 each or more
Gendered sports fanning. Go Volunteers! for girls and people (thanks @drgusrang!)
an orange and black button on a metal surface
Morag Eyrie on X
Button to "call a nurse" from inside a toilet at the Western Infirmary, Glasgow; age unknown (thanks @Morag Eyrie!)
Chef coat and women's chef coat (thanks facebook.com/rosiesaysblog and facebook.com/doctorsandra!) Jackets, Chef Jackets, Chef Coat, Coat, Coats For Women, Chef
Chef coat and women's chef coat (thanks facebook.com/rosiesaysblog and facebook.com/doctorsandra!)
an old movie poster for lady lindy, where all for you is written in black and white
Women’s History Month: Amelia Earheart – Smithsonian Libraries and Archives / Unbound
Amelia Earhart, named "Lady Lindy" after a male counterpart, Charles Lindburgh.
the shelves are full of nuts and yogurt for $ 5 99 per pound
Women vs. people... it's nuts! (thanks @ pupperdoon and @ malakhgabriel!)
a red and white triangle sign with a man digging in it next to a tree
Gender inequality: traffic signs that speak
Men work...