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Gone But Not Forgotten

This board is here in memory of the things we miss the most.

Gone But Not Forgotten

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Not just one, but two discontinued items! The leg warmers were from Breaux, and the tights were from Foot Traffic. Don't be sad - you can still get the knee high version of the tights:

Ooh, someone's been going through the blog archives!

ZAP! What was that?? The sound of beloved socks being discontinued! Tis the season of discontinuing the old and bringing in the new, but it's not too late for you to snag some of these ill-fated favorites on their way out! Brenna gives us the run-down over at the blog.

Though we still have them in grey and brown, the Extraordinary Wool Socks came in a beautiful olive which we can no longer restock. We'll remember it fondly, though. #socks #otk #wool

Extraordinary Wool Socks - Sock Dreams

Betsey Johnson's Mexicali Rose OTKs - these beauties sold out almost instantly!

  • Selina Kyle
    Selina Kyle

    2 years ago?! Gah! I wish I would of found your awesome company sooner!! I would have definitely ordered these!!! Any chance of carrying these again??!

Portland tights in purple. Sadly these were recently discontinued.

  • Tina Royster
    Tina Royster

    Nooo! I would have loved them

The B.ella Bastia are no longer available in red... we hope that changes! they were a perfect red cotton sock that I had a lot of fun wearing.

  • Rio Mayoleth-Cluff
    Rio Mayoleth-Cluff

    Do you know where the black shoes are from?

  • Sock Dreams
    Sock Dreams

    I don't, but I can ask Niq when she's in next week!

Sock Dreams Diamond Over-the-Knee Socks by Cronert.

Carmela Handwarmer - I always did adore this photo.

  • Meliha

    Link didn't work. :(

  • Sock Dreams
    Sock Dreams

    Aww, I'm sorry! This board is all things that have been discontinued, so there shouldn't be any links involved, really.

O Nubbies. These were gone before I was hired on over two years ago. Even I must covet these.

  • Page Rochlus
    Page Rochlus

    These are my all time favorite socks!

  • MitzyG

    I have those in purple, pink and black. They have lasted FOREVER and are great with a pair of Doc Martens.

  • Alicia Stier
    Alicia Stier

    yet another reason to wish for a time machine

  • Steffany Farros
    Steffany Farros

    I have these in the vanilla sprinkle color pictured. :) Absolutely LOVE THEM.

Margaret Cho in some now-discontinued stockings a few years ago!

Sock Dreams - Sock Journal - My Monday morning with Margaret
  • Niq Natosi
    Niq Natosi

    no, it wasn't me... I wish it had been! but I did get permission from her team to use this shot they took of her wearing one of the many styles she has purchased from us over the years.

  • Sock Dreams
    Sock Dreams

    Ah! Oops! I totally misinterpreted that post... I did think it was an odd departure from your usual style!

Super sweet heart thigh highs with bows. We had these, but they have sadly been discontinued.

  • Damion .
    Damion .

    NOOO!!! That's sad!! I was thinking I might need a replacement pair soon!

  • Sock Dreams
    Sock Dreams

    Aww, I'm sorry! We do still have the lace-topped version in the plus size, though they're also going away pretty soon.

  • Sock Dreams
    Sock Dreams

    Oh, they're here, BTW:

  • Damion .
    Damion .

    well, they aren't *quite* the same, but I suppose I can embellish them with all the ribbony bows I want! ;)

How could we forget Cronert's Pinstriped Victoria OTKs?

  • Redwolf X
    Redwolf X

    These are my favorite socks! I wish they would come back! :(

Lindsay, being Lindsay....

Showgirl fishnets with padded soles. These were once a staple. We're on the prowl for something similar - don't worry.

Luckily we now have a suitable replacement for these, but that garter bit was pretty unbeatable.

these were a basket-weave style from MP and this just might be one of my very first shots with Laurel... I think it is super sweet & especially love her flowery skirt.

MP wool striped tights... I keep hoping they will return.

these sweet socks were ruched along their sides and could be worn long and sleek or short & ruched.

Da Vinci socks! these went away much too soon...

I love these leggings... it's too bad K. Bell discontinued them =( also, I love my toeless toesocks!

Sock Dreams - Half Toe Ankle Socks with Grips - Unique Colorful Socks