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Sometimes you just need to look at some octopuses.

We are obsessed!

Sometimes you just need to look at some octopuses.

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Release the Kraken! This crochet noob is going to be trying some advanced Krakening...

Octopus skirt with corset. Oh. Em. Gee! Striped tights don't hurt either! ;)

My Neighbor Cthulhu Totoro!!! Squealing has just occurred here in the office.

"Just because it's 1889 doesn't mean tentacles aren't a problem in your life. Preserve your feminine beauty and keep your daintiness intact with DR. OH'S OCTOPODIFORM DETERRENT. (Soon to be available at your local apothecary.)" J~

Dr Oh's Octopodiform Deterrent
  • Marthington Wattsington
    Marthington Wattsington

    Love you, Sock Dreams! Which is why I am linking to the original source of this image, so the original artist can get credit. I don't know what pinerly is, but I don't trust it... http://ghostfire.deviantart...

  • Katherine Olson
    Katherine Olson


  • Sock Dreams
    Sock Dreams

    Marthington - Thanks for pointing that out! Pinerly is a tool we use (kind of like tweetdeck for twitter) but it's SUPPOSED to link back to the original. This must have been a glitch, and we wouldn't have caught it without you! Link has been corrected. We like to give credit where credit is due! ♥

IA IA! I assume that translates roughly to "LOL!"

Apocalypse POW!: Cthulhu Cthursday
  • Jenn C
    Jenn C

    It means, Yes! Yes! Cthulhu Dreams!

  • Sock Dreams
    Sock Dreams

    Cool! Now can you please tell me how to pronounce "Fhtagn" and maybe the word for "sock"?

  • Sock Dreams
    Sock Dreams

    Sock Fhtagn!

black octopus

planktonic Octopus paralarva

Friday Cephalopod: planktonic Octopus paralarva

Tentacle Pot Pie by notmartha

Hello! Let's be best friends! Brand new purple octopus discovered in Canada

Photos: "Spectacular" Deep-Sea Species Found off Canada

The tiniest octopus of all!

Cthulhu cake.

  • L Zieber
    L Zieber

    or Cake-thulu

  • Sock Dreams
    Sock Dreams

    Heehee, yes! Man, I wish you could "like" comments on here...


  • Tara VanVolkom
    Tara VanVolkom

    ♪ You make my insides outside ♫

A customer sent us this photo. Octopuses in love! ♥

Shark Vs. Octopus. You don't mess with an octopus.

Coconut carrying octopus - my coworker tells me that this is the first known example of an invertebrate tool user!

Cuttlefish! Also awesome and octopusish.

  • Amber R
    Amber R

    Cuttlefish are so cool! I have watched the Nova documentary about them at least 3 times.

Mimic octopus! So cool!

We like to watch octopus videos around here.

Scott Musgrove octopus sculpture

Update: Scott Musgrove – “Walktopus” Bronze « Arrested Motion