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Sometimes you just need to look at some octopuses.

We are obsessed!

Release the Kraken! This crochet noob is going to be trying some advanced Krakening...

Octopus skirt with corset. Oh. Em. Gee! Striped tights don't hurt either! ;)

My Neighbor Cthulhu Totoro!!! Squealing has just occurred here in the office.

"Just because it's 1889 doesn't mean tentacles aren't a problem in your life. Preserve your feminine beauty and keep your daintiness intact with DR. OH'S OCTOPODIFORM DETERRENT. (Soon to be available at your local apothecary.)" J~

  • Marthington Wattsington

    Love you, Sock Dreams! Which is why I am linking to the original source of this image, so the original artist can get credit. I don't know what pinerly is, but I don't trust it... http://ghostfire.deviantart...

  • Sock Dreams

    Marthington - Thanks for pointing that out! Pinerly is a tool we use (kind of like tweetdeck for twitter) but it's SUPPOSED to link back to the original. This must have been a glitch, and we wouldn't have caught it without you! Link has been corrected. We like to give credit where credit is due! ♥

IA IA! I assume that translates roughly to "LOL!"

planktonic Octopus paralarva

Tentacle Pot Pie by notmartha

The tiniest octopus of all!

Cthulhu cake.

A customer sent us this photo. Octopuses in love! ♥

Shark Vs. Octopus. You don't mess with an octopus.

Coconut carrying octopus - my coworker tells me that this is the first known example of an invertebrate tool user!

Cuttlefish! Also awesome and octopusish.

  • Amber R

    Cuttlefish are so cool! I have watched the Nova documentary about them at least 3 times.

We like to watch octopus videos around here.

Scott Musgrove octopus sculpture