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a sign that says greensburg welcomes you to business - cultural center in front of trees
I was 3 or 4 when we lived in Greensburg, PA. Don't remember a lot, other than lots of space stuff being on TV.
the weather is set for today and tomorrow
Welcome to my new life in San Diego, where it's almost always sunny, except when we have a slight chance of a cloud
an apartment building on the corner of a street
Travel Reservations - Travel Reservations
Tearing down and rebuilding my life, first at this hotel in Alexandria, Virginia, then in a newly-single apartment
a two story white house with blue shutters on the front and side doors, surrounded by fall leaves
Lived in Bowie, Maryland for several years, while the wheels came off my life, in a house that looked similar to this one. Don't miss it. Or the house. Or that old life.
a sign that says crofton in front of some trees and bushes on the grass
Lived in Crofton long enough to have gotten a Christmas tree. Long enough actually to have not broken the lease.
the city skyline as seen from across the river
wkrp in cincinnati skyline
When I worked in Cincinnati, I actually lived in Fairfield (a suburb just north of town) and in Covington, KY (just across the river). This show is the view of the Cincinnati skyline from the Covington side.
a shark with its mouth open in the water
When I (briefly) lived in Stuart, Florida, I saw sharks while standing on the beach. And they were between me and the sand bar, where I had been minutes before.
two empty chairs sitting on top of a wooden dock next to the ocean with a lighthouse in the background
This is how I like to remember my brief stay in Manteo, NC (though I didn't really have this kind of view)
cars driving down the road in front of some tall buildings and green grass on both sides
Survived being a teenager here. made it through my 20's here, too.
the welcome sign to virginia beach is posted on the side of the road in front of some trees
Learned to read and write here. My love for Dr. Seuss, the Hardy Boys and the Three Investigators started here.