Ch 3: Mental rotation

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the graph shows that there are two different types of water and one is not very blue
Sex, Society, and Spatial Ability - Sociological Images
In the patrilineal society, women were much slower to solve the mental rotatio puzzle than were men. But among the matrilineal Khasi, the difference was negligible.
a person is holding a green cube in front of a computer screen that has an origami block on it
Mental rotation training with PSVT-like cubes
Example of mental rotation training with PSVT-like cubes
someone is playing with some kind of game on the computer screen, and it looks like they are going to cross
mental rotation gameplay
Demo of a mental rotation practice app
three dimensional shapes are shown in the same diagram, each with different numbers and letters
Psychlopedia - mental rotation
Mental rotation test example
an empty room with white walls and flooring, there is no one in it
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Mental Rotation and Videogames: An Investigation in Short Term Improvement of Mental Rotation with Videogame Playing by Andreas Aslaksen on Prezi