Ch 6: Male flight

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two people are talking to each other with speech bubbles above them that say,'when a generation men and women spoke virtually unhele
Man dude givesticles men direrections bro he ball? - Sociological Images
Riffing on neologisms like mandles (candles for men), guyliner (mascara for men), and bronuts (donuts for men), comic Zach Weiner explores a dystopian future in which men masculinize their language beyond all recognition. Click through to link to the whole cartoon.
Male flight from education People, Gender Stereotypes, Parenting Books, Gender Studies, Role Models, What Is Feminism, Theories, Fight Like A Girl, Co Parenting
New Documentary Aims to Explore Masculinity in America
Male flight from education
a woman drinking from a glass in a crowded room
Will Women Take Whiskey? Male Flight from Feminizing Spirits - Sociological Images
Will women take whiskey? Male flight from feminizing spirits (click thru for essay)
the graph shows that there are many different types of medical subjects in each country, as well as numbers of students
Male flight from veterinary school. Source:
the line graph shows that there are two different types of veterinary care in each country
Male flight from veterinary school. Source: