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Martin Christensen
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A nearly finished, newly constructed building in Shanghai toppled over. The cause of this epic structural fail is under investigation, but first sources claim that an error on construction and unstable soil conditions are the probable causes.

Dump A Day I Think Your Construction Project Needs A Little More Constructing - 40 Pics

Yang YONGLIAND, Heavenly city, On the Quiet water2, On the Quiet water3, On the Quiet water5, Phantom Landscape III, Viridescence 04

I very recently Yang Yongliang 's wonderful work inspired by Chinese traditional painting that he studied for ten years.

Phantom Landscape I 杨泳梁-Yang Yongliang

Yang Yongliang, Phantom Landscape I Epson inkjet print on fine art paper 130 x 60 cm

hahahahahah! AMAZING LEGO Bikes with wolverine, deadpool,ghost rider ....

AMAZING LEGO Bikes with wolverine, deadpool,ghost rider . ( 😱 i need the deadpool one)

Texture psd african people black

African Collection Texture Map available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital models for visualization, films, television, and games.