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If the vampire has a stuffy nose. By the Angel, Tessa! (Jace and Tessa's Shadowhunter lessons continue., Simon rolls his eyes.


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You were always so much more than a dog to me...

For my sweet Beloved --Sadie Rose 🌹 Even though you are no longer with me, you are still in my heart and always will be. You were more than just a dog to me, you were family, ( and will be forever):) I miss you so much angel!

What a great way to honor a beloved pet. Our vet made clay molds of our dog's paws when we had to put him down. I'm making this for a shadow box & putting his old tags and the paw print in the box, too. The kids will love having a little something to remember the dog they loved so much.

My Sweet Ginger left your paw prints on my heart. And for that, I will ALWAYS BE THANKFUL. THERE IS a hole in my heart that only you can fill. Til the day we meet again.Miss you baby girl.

So true

I just miss you so much. RIP Grandma forever in my heart always on my mind🌺

7 Beautiful Pet Memorials and Gifts #dogblog #dogs #dogmemorial

7 Beautiful Pet Memorials and Gifts - Say Good-Bye With Love > These different types of pet memorials include engraved stones, urns, and online tributes to lost pets – all to help you remember your lost dog or cat.