A child's tears

Boy by Ami Vitale

Rwanda, by jordanchez

when i look at this photo a thousand thoughts come to mind! it is my dream to be able to adopt one day

Malawian Kids by Michael Cook

Malawian Kid - Nkhata Bay - Malawi photo by Michael Cook. The sweetest face.

MEXICO ~ Tarahumara Girl ~ All children are Beautiful ~ for more of Mexico visit www.

poor boy

This kid is beautiful.

Pilgrim hands by Guido Dingemans

souls-of-my-shoes: “ Pilgrim hands (Nepal) (by Guido Dingemans) ”

great photo

Some awesome pictures from the National Geographic’s Photography Contest 2010

In his eyes, Fort Amsterdam, Ghana by MJ Reilly

souls-of-my-shoes: “ In his eyes, Fort Amsterdam, Ghana by MJ Reilly ”

Eric Lafforgue.

Eritrea girl / Tigrinya Bibles for Eritrea

You pass through places and places pass through you, but you carry ‘em with you on the souls of your travellin’ shoes.