*giggles*that is so me!!!!at school conceal dont let them know and at home let it go let it go!!!!hahahahahahahaha

Farting is like the song from Frozen: Work: conceal, don't feel, don't let them know. At home: Let it go! Let it go!

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Lol...me too...

I feel like I should clean the house, so I'm going to lay down and nap until that feeling passes. - minion this reminds me of my Mom a great Mama

Not just for teens!

I should do that to someone sometime. But then again I'm only friends with people who use correct grammar and spelling.


The awkward moment when you've already said "What?" 3 times and still have no idea what the other person said, So you just agree! - Top 40 Funny Minions Quotes and Pics