Le sponde del fiume Hvita, un potente fiume con cascate che naturalmente attraverso le colonne di basalto lavico e betulle.

Reykjavik, Iceland Head to the riverbanks to see the Hvita glacial river, a beautiful and powerful river with waterfalls that course through columns of basalt lava and birch trees.

91 Mystery Falls, Skagit County, Washington

Napali Cliffs, Kauai, Hawaii (oh, man! I went to Kauai & missed this waterfall.

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10 Of the Most Amazing American Lakes

Moraine Lake, Valley of the Ten peaks, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.Been there so many times in a year .it is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world!

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Sunset and dandelions. A blaze of orange and blue color reminds us of the beauty of nature!

The water on this waterfall in Romania rolls off of a green carpet of moss that covers the rock formation — which results in a magically soft display, much unlike a roaring waterfalls. - HouseBeautiful.com

16 Beautiful Places You Almost Won't Believe Are Real

Sometimes you see a photo of nature and think "well, that just can't be real." This is one of those times. Izvorul Bigăr, or the Bigar Waterfall in Romania looks like something straight out of a fairytale. Its the water that makes this rock beautiful.

Endless Waterfalls, Cummins Creek Wilderness, Oregon..

Oregon, Endless Waterfall – Cummins Creek Wilderness - Top 15 Pictures of Stunning Places Now do U sea an Understand The Nature of waters ways?


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Photography by Irakli Dolidze Male/Georgia "Dicono che c'è un tempo per seminare e uno più lungo per aspettare... io dico che c'era un tempo sognato che bisognava sognare."

What an beautiful picture. This photo is so pretty. There is just one failure in this whole picture. The one failure is that leaves are not transparent so you would not be able to see through the leaf.

New Wonderful Photos: Waterfall in Coyote Gulch Utah

Waterfall In Coyote Gulch, Utah, USA. Photograph - Waterfall In Coyote Gulch Utah Fine Art Print