Lightroom 5 - How To Create VSCO Presets For Free - YouTube

Lightroom 5 - How To Create VSCO Presets For Free

Exposing for light/dark subjects

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engineer print source + engineer print ideas

BIG PRINTS by Photojojo

VSCO preset tutorials & downloads

Free Tutorials and Presets

Lightroom tutorials

Lightroom tutorials | Learn how to use Photoshop Lightroom


RAW vs. JPEG - Digital Photography School

From JPEG to RAW

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5 Basic Food Styling Tips For Beginner Food Bloggers | Magnolia Days

5 Basic Food Styling Tips For Beginner Food Bloggers

15 Photography Cheat Sheets

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Step by step guide to long exposure photography

Step-by-step Guide to Long Exposure Photography

When shutter priority mode is better than aperture priority mode

Why Aperture Priority Mode Isn't Always the Best Choice

How to Photograph Fireworks. Great tips!

How to Photograph Fireworks

4 photography exercises to get out of a rut

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6 Tips for Near-Macro Photos w/ a telephoto lens

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"Sunny 16" rule for manual camera exposure

Sunny 16 rule | DPanswers

5 tips for better food photography

5 Tips to Seriously Improve Your Food Photography Techniques

Ikebana 'Raku sprouting field flowers' by Otomodachi, via Flickr

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Love the way this arrangement is balanced. It has so much movement. 2012年4月8日(日) 清雅のうちに華やぎがあります。 花=御輪椿(ゴリンツバキ) 器=青銅王子形水瓶(六朝時代)

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Still life: Ikebana by Mario HIRAMA. Pinned by a Taste Setter:

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Food photography tips

8 Steps to Create Mouth Watering Food Photography

All about prime lenses focal length (good discussion of uses & strengths/weaknesses of 30mm, 50mm and 85 mm lenses)

All About Prime Lenses & Focal Lengths - A Beautiful Mess

picmonkey edits & techniques guide ($)

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Getting of auto

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27 Creative Examples of Still Life Photography

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Still Life with Clementine No. 1 by matthew_lowery, via Flickr

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