Taylor Mathews
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Kids could make this with their favorite extracurricular icon in the center.

All about the Crayon Art; this is seriously so cool, I would want to make the ball yellow though, for softball. <----OR the whole thing out of yellow crayons

Softball room  Google image printout + borrowed projector from a local school. Trace & paint!

Love this bedroom for that softball player, you could do this with a baseball too. I would make the thread on the softball red though.

12 Softball Headbands TEAM GIFT by SoftballStitch on Etsy, $129.00

Yellow red softball ear warmer crochet headband so cute for ball season. if you have an Easy Knit (I think that is what it is called) you should be able to make one of these!

How to make your nails dry super fast. Just get cup of ice cubes and water hold your hands in for 15 30 seconds and it freezes your nails dry!

Make your nail polish dry instantly by using a secret ingredient that can be found in every kitchen

DIY blinds/canvas - apply stickers/decal,  and spray paint. Remove decals; hang white lights behind it or sunshine.  ...silkscreen for identical multiples.

Seems easy enough. DIY Lighting: - use tall canvas - apply stickers, decal, etc -spray paint - Remove Decals -hang white lights behind it.