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SoHealthy Nutrition

SoHealthy Nutrition

say hello to your weekend friends

say hello to your weekend friends

stella artois

The 15 best and 15 worst beers for your health. Who knew Guinness was low-calorie?

Old school classic Skyline GT-Rs in Japan

Old school classic Skyline GT-Rs in Japan *in my eyes these are the sexiest skylines!

opening scene

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom from Chuck Lorre Productions which airs on the CBS television network in the US. The Big Bang Theory premiered on September 2007 and is now in its eleventh season.

Big Bang Theory

We're in a rock band! We play Rock Band on the xbox! (I don't think thats the same thing!

zucchini wrapped salmon cooked on the campfire

Easy Campfire Recipe: Zucchini-wrapped Salmon (could also outer wrap the Zucchini with Bacon, Yum!


Moosehead Lager - Saint John, New Brunswick. Only Canadian beer still produced in Canada and owned by Canadians.