Earth. The Final Fronteer.

This magnificent image is a portrait of the Earth taken in one single shot. At 121 megapixels, it is the highest resolution image of the planet ever and was taken by the geostationary Russian weather satellite the Electro-L.

Quanta água temos no mundo? »

How much water on earth? In this illustration, the blue ball represents the volume of all the water on earth, relative to the size of the earth. The tiny speck to the right of the blue ball represents Earth’s fresh water.

"Einstein ‘tava certo, nós estávamos errados. Mal ê!" »

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. Albert Einstein quotes-by-scientists personal-development

Jornalistas, pastores e aves ensandecidas

Jornalistas, pastores e aves ensandecidas