Emma, la más joven en estar en este muro. Bienvenida. :D

united-nations: “ Congratulations to actress Emma Watson on her appointment as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador! “Women’s rights are something so inextricably linked with who I am, so deeply personal and.

Josefina Bietti

Fresh Face

Freckled Beauty – New face Stefani (Ford Brazil) shows off her natural beauty in Josefina Bietti’s (ABA MGT) recent black and white portraits. Stefani sports tousled locks and full lashes by makeup artist Eduardo Hyde. / Art direction by Godiva art Studio


☺ Emma Watson - I love her look here: bright red lips and strong eyebrows. buff base, mink V, Sparkly tan (next to the sparkly blue in Tarte True Blood Palette) for outer of lid. The lightest hint of bronzer and blush.

Julia Roberts .

Julia Roberts, can't say enough about this pretty woman. Not sure what color her hair really is, but for class & style, she belongs to the Day Club. Welcome Julia R.


Jennifer Aniston is only old and she looks very pretty and fit. She has the beautiful blonde hair color and she combed her hair well and parted at the center of the head and rest of the hairs just cover her ears. She adopted small bob hair cut now a days.