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F&O Forgotten Nobility - Icelandic horses by HGT by HelgiGThoroddsen on...

sooty palomino paint horse

Draft horse

Black horse braided mane

An Eagle was trapped in a dead elk's antlers, and when a Cheyenne warrior happened to come by, The Eagle asked for help. The warrior set him free, and The Eagle was so grateful that his life has been saved that before flying away, he told the warrior to go to the other side of a hill and to look below. There the warrior saw his reward, a beautiful Appaloosa stallion covered with black and white spots exactly like an eagle's feathers. This extraordinary painting is by artist Judy Larson.

Horses like hugs too (Buck Brannaman, photo Irinel Petrescu)


Dream horse

True Horsepower!!

ARDENNAIS Thought of the most ancient horse breeds in Europe. The use of this breed dates back to Ancient Rome. First bred for the purposes of war, then agriculture, the Ardennais was considered one of the best breeds of draft horse.

such a beautiful horse