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~~Galaxy Coast ~ Milky Way, Notleys Landing, California by Bill Shupp~~

Love to learn how to take a time-lapse photo of the Milky Way like this. "Taken near Bixby Bridge north of Big Sur, California when the Milky Way was pretty high in the sky. The glow near the horizon is a lighthouse.

I wish... I wish... I wish...

Dandelion seeds floating in the breeze:):) Reminds me of that perfect summer day where the sun is out and everything is delightful.

Sunlight through dandelions

sunshine and dandelions.wishes to be made Definitely going to try to get some nice photos with dandelions this summer!

Wow, no more words needed! #TravelBird #nature #wonder

Amazing rays of sun streaming through clouds over the ocean! Sunbeams, beauty of Nature, waves, gorgeous