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a hammock hanging from the side of a wooden deck next to the ocean
9 Best Places To Stay In Uluwatu Bali | Adriana Maria
Best places to stay in Uluwatu , Bali · Adriana Maria
a palm tree is shown against a blue sky
a bird is perched on top of a palm tree in front of the ocean and blue sky
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palm trees line the beach as people walk on the sand and surf in the background
: “A view I caught today and a much needed dose of sunshine. ”
an orange and white striped towel with sunglasses laying on top of it next to a cup of coffee
yellow striped fringe beach towel
a woman holding a lemon in her right hand while sitting next to a pitcher filled with water
a woman laying on top of a towel next to the ocean with a book in her hand
w-ilkinson: - (★★★)
two people are jumping off rocks into the water in front of an island with large boulders
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a person laying on top of a bed next to the ocean with their feet propped up
Kapten & Son • Minimalist backpacks, watches & sunglasses
Fitzroy Matt Tortoise Blue Mirrored by Kapten & Son | picture by vagablonde_laura | summer | holiday | ocean | sunglasses | sunnies for her |
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like everybody and trust no one
an old white car is parked on the side of the road
a beach with waves and palm trees on the shore, in front of some mountains