Daily Awww: You have all my LOVE (39 photos)

Now u makiin me feel bad! I just don't like chris I heard alot bout him that's y I don't like him u have so much better in life to do instead of doin that stuff!! Wyd?

Somehow, like dressing, you share more with a camera by showing less. Get inventive with your in-camera cropping. Compose to amplify the push and pull, the energy, the interplay (the story) between subjects. (Tempo da Delicadeza)

(Closed rp with Adam) it was almost seven in the morning. The sun had started to come through the window, which automatically wakes me up. I go to sit up then I remember I am trapped in his arms. I yawn and smile remembering last night. Then... ~Emily

We never spoke, we didn't need to. The things we wanted to say translated far better though the music than words ever could. I felt safe here, I felt like I finally had substance