Get a sneak peek at Danielle Festa’s new paintings, called the “Selfie Series”, at the Washington Street Arts Center. As usual, she is mixing paint and fabrics, but this time she’s working from selfie references submitted by worldwide subjects. #somervilleopenstudios (at Washington Street Arts Center)

Stan Dolberg will be showing new furniture designs in mixed materials at Joy Street Studios for #somervilleopenstudios this year. (at Joy street studios)

Consuelo Perez creates objects from recycled materials in her neighborhood, typically ordinary household items. She feels that art crosses all boundaries and is not subject to the common routines and structures of everyday life: through her art, she is able to control how, when and why she creates each piece. (at 48 Meacham Rd, Somerville)

Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal Leah Ramuglia’s background provides a unique perspective on her artwork: her education is in biology, her fulltime work is in the travel industry, and her passion is in photography. See how all these elements converge by visiting her studio, where she’ll be displaying images from 5 continents. (at 30 Rogers St, Somerville)

Melissa King, aka Pawblo Picasso, describes herself as a huge advocate for live painting - she encourages onlookers to ask questions and watch her work. Pawblo will have prints of all kinds for sale at her Joy Street Studios location. #somervilleopenstudios (at Joy street studios)

Jessica Chickering is preparing her space at Pearl Street Studios to welcome Somerville Open Studios visitors.

A 3D-printed sculpture by scientist and artist Mark J. Stock for Somerville Open Studios 2014.

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