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In My Home

Things that would 'fit' in my house.

In My Home

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"Clean" Operating at a spectacular and focused level of perfection, this clean kitchen will outperform the best of spaces.

Architecture Photography: Malvern House / Canny Design (306386)

"Perfect" A sensational palette, a fantastic proportioned order and a perfect colour green.

Lavastones and cotto tiles all hand decorated from Made a Mano.

"Charming" A lovely place to live and enjoy tea in a charming atmosphere. La Borde Maison d'Hôtes, Burgundy, France

"Uplifting" Coloured emerald and full of energy, this uplifting wallpaper if for the classy or in-dweller. wallpaper nippon emerald - mimou. Wallpaper that looks like fish scales in the colour of the Ariel's. this will be in every room in my house.

"Secret" A quaint secret space for swimming. Wonderfully set within the cliff side, neither man nor animal will find this pool.

"Classic" A wonderful set of Victorian and romanticist furnature. SOMETHING OBTUSE

"Heavenly" From an antiquarian heaven. The most lovely place to watch and read from. The vines are perfect.

"Growth" A great way to get plants into your life. A table made for looking at. Far Out Flora

"Mono" Crafting a mono colour scheme to fit the house and family takes time. A simple vintage set always makes it easier for an antiquarian architect. False Arms / Armes Fausses

False Arms / Armes Fausses

"Polish" Beautiful concrete stone furnace for the center object in mind. False Arms / Armes Fausses $200

"New Vintage" A great contrast between modern white and husky brick. The wood then draws it together.

"Clean" A perfect drawer for architects. Fits blueprint, drawings and paintings well. flat file drawer cabinet. $159.00, via Etsy.

"Ripe" A product that fits in any vintage simple home. Dirty Rags can is a must in every home. vintage industrial justrite metal waste can. $195.00, via Etsy.

vintage industrial justrite metal waste can

"Collectivism" A collective file for blue print and paintings.Perfect for the simple vintage studio. Cabinet Edison Edison

"Rough" A raw and plump couch to fit any simple vintage home. A great comfort with fortitude. Canapé 2 places fixe cuir marron

"Succulent" A lovely choice for a fine home plant. Add green and style together. SUCCULENT Pflanze - IKEA

"Patina" A perfect example of age. A choice example of a ironic cookie jar. Vintage Lucky Strike Tobacco Tin Green RA Patterson Tobacco Co Sliced Plug Tin. $34.00, via Etsy.

"Posh" A beautiful piece for holding pens.

"New Vintage" Putting antiquary organization into your home.