Songa Designs International

Songa Designs International

San Diego CA | Kigali Rwanda / Created & Curated for the fierce & feisty woman. Fine handcrafted collection by artisans in Rwanda. 🌍💚✌🏽️ San Diego CA + Kigali Rwanda
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Sea Villas Bora Bora | LOLO❤ - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.

Fernweh is German for wanderlust and serves as the inspiration for this chic woven basket from Songa Designs. Each one is crafted from re-purposed cow horn (that would otherwise go to a landfill) and sisal plant. $90,

"I don't believe in sheer physical strength. The mind is what counts. That is why I am scholar, not a warrior." - Hye-ri

An artistically painted door in Sayulita, Mexico. Sayulita is a small surfing and fishing village about 25 miles north of downtown Puerto Vallarta in the state of Nayarit, Mexico

It’s pleasing to discover that it isn’t necessary to drive oneself forward; instead, one can simply allow oneself to move forward as blocks are removed. Thus, one becomes attracted by the future rather than propelled by the past. -- Dr David Hawkins

» fresh air » log homes » live off the land » hard work » clear streams » fishing & hunting » mountain men » simple life » sun & snow » backyard wildlife »

I always wear the same type of clothing and don't fall into the trendy crazy. Recently, I decided that I needed a change and I started looking for unique fashion ideas online. I didn't want traditional trendy stuff, I like the unique look. First I went...