Haha, there's always that one person on the other team! This would be a funny softball team shirt

I lost my khakis means means something totally different in Massachusetts. Car keys in a Boston accent. never got this until now and i cant stop laughing!



Funny pictures about Nillionaire. Oh, and cool pics about Nillionaire. Also, Nillionaire photos.

Just put a towel over your face before the sand! Hahahahaha

Must do this before I die!- burry the person u came with in the sand except for their head! Then leave your body there but cove your head with a towel and put sand on top of the towel! Gonna do it next time I go to the beach!


I actually thought a thesaurus was a dinosaur, so I got a book about dinosaurs, and I didn't see it. One day my writing teacher gave me a book called the thesaurus, I.

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I learn something new every day. And forget five other things forever.

"Why am I running away."

Little Kid Writes This Hilarious Letter To His Sick Teacher. funny jokes lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings hilarious humor teacher funny kids