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Pinterest For Dudes

Pinterest For Dudes

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I told you not to look directly at the Ark, bro!


Hey man, can I borrow your copy of RATT's 8191?

Phoebe Cates, bro!

Wow. Seems a lot like Pinterest For Dudes. Except Pinterest For Dudes is fun.

You play a didgeridoo?!?!?! BROOOOOO!

You play a steel drum?!?!?!?!

Ain't nothin' better on a Friday night, than two dinosaurs fightin'. I don't care what you say!

I reckon if I had this tree stand, I'd never leave the tree. I'd get divorced and just marry my tree. Start a new life. Things would be great. Oh! There's a deer!

I learned all of my fighting technique from Rock Em Sock Em Robots.

Oh fuck. It's a bear. You try fighting it.

One man. Two facial cocoa puffs.

You may ask yourself, "who makes a better lawnmower than TORO?" No one, that's who! And check it out, even the ladies trust them.

Hell yes. A waterslide. It's dark. You're falling. And BAM.... you're in the pool. That's science, fellas.

Man, you just give me a computer generated John Deere and that's all I need.

Santorum Of The Sex Gods. "The Sex Gods" was the name of his Rasslin' Team.

What? I have a picture of Steve Perry on my Pinterest. Must be because I like solid rock and roll and great hair cuts! And moles.

Steve Perry (musician) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Stacy Simms
    Stacy Simms

    Well damn if you didn't nail this look in 1994.

  • Sonic Dork
    Sonic Dork

    I know! Little did I know, I WAS ROCKING A PERFECT STEVE PERRY!

If I only drink Muscle Milk, I'll be able to fight anything. Especially Bears.

It's a Camo Truck!

What makes me a man? I'd say going to gun shows. Yep. That makes me a MAN.

Oh shit, man. You like the Gravitron? Well climb on in. Sit back. And let me crank this new song from Def Leppard!

I remember sneaking into Matt Gilmore's older brother's room to listen to this when I was a kid. It was like doing drugs for us. Offlimits.

Can't have a Pinterest place for Dudes and not have a pic of hatemonger, Ted Nugent!

I knew a man with this car, but he was a drunken pervert. But hey, muscle car, brah!!!

What?!?! It's the Old Man from Phantasm!