popcorn halloween costume. too funny

Baby's first Halloween - a bag of popcorn! Glue popcorn onto a knit hat and glue red felt stripes and popcorn sign onto white felt. Attach with safety pins to a baby carrier.


Funny pictures about Melon collie? Oh, and cool pics about Melon collie? Also, Melon collie?

This made me laugh a little too hard.

Stir fry for dinner tonight.

The smoke detector went off in some of my apartments more times than I care to remember while cooking! Allow me sing you the song of my people"

Oh that face

When even cats feel the Heat XD

Funny pictures about Cat + Water = Happiness? Oh, and cool pics about Cat + Water = Happiness? Also, Cat + Water = Happiness?


My morning except I have my phone plus husbands phone set 2 minutes apart for every alarm. Plus extra last minute wake up clock alarm.

lol awe <3!!!!

Dog with puppies puppys I come with two subwoofers meme joke lol lulz funny picture caption

I'm hit!!

I'm hit!

Funny pictures about Otter down. Oh, and cool pics about Otter down. Also, Otter down.