Nanette likes the naughty ones ;)

Cold Feed Cold Front Artist Gil Elvgren Vintage Classic Pin Up Girl Poster Print 1 Large

Nana on holiday...mermaid Nana...

weirdvintage: “Grandma mermaid, c. (via) ” Edit: user kissmecriss said: Pretty sure the photograph mermaid lady is from Denmark. Probably from a booth in the famous and historic amusement park.

Nana, the unblushing bride

legrandcirque: “ Ziegfeld girl Lora Foster as a bride. Photograph by Alfred Cheney Johnston, ” If I was ever to get married, it would be in either a full wedding sari, greacien robe, or naked.

Nana makes a long ciggie holder look cool.

A video slideshow that I created featuring vintage erotic photographs from the Victorian era, set to the music of Pachelbel& Canon in D Major. (Note: if you are offended by nudity, please do not view this video).