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Pictures and items connected with various causes I support. I'll always link to an article, petition, etc. connected with the cause!
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Illustration Source: Carol Rossetti

10 Inspiring Female Empowerment Illustrations |

Retail Sexism Shot Down | Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques

New Comics Every Monday Through Friday

I Was Born To Raise Hell [1967]

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“Go get your almost equal pay” rubber shower art | 20 Feminist Items You Need For Your Home Immediately

20 Feminist Items You Need For Your Home Immediately

Domestic Violence Books for Kids

An Advocate for Women's Rights postcard, featuring a cat wearing a Votes for Women badge, United Kingdom, 1910-15, maker unknown.

East End Suffragette Map | Spitalfields Life

Viva el feminismo!

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This Is Your Body On Diet Soda (Infographic)

What They Say, What They Mean: Feminism

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A Modern Mother: An anti-feminist Christian pamphlet from the 1960s. #VintageSexism

Christian Nightmares, A Modern Mother: An anti-feminist Christian...

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Daisy Duck: Feminist

Disney Comic from 1960 shows what a radical man-hating feminist Daisy Duck was

I am capable. I am strong. I am invincible. I am woman.

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Ringling Brothers finally agrees to retire elephants in 2018. No more elephants in Ringling Shows. Your move SeaWorld.

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America SUCKS on the issue of maternity leave!!! *Linked to an Article from the Huffingtonpost*

Why Working Families Could Be Better Off In Sweden

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Sooner or Later.

This needs to be in every history book along with a map showing where those nations have been pushed to now.

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Don't forget to vote today!

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What feminism encourages women to do according to Pat Robertson

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One day can make a lot of difference! #MeatlessMondays

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Merit Pay

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Christian book from 1974 illustrates the ‘ideal’ woman from a man’s point of view. #VintageSexism

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If Churches Paid Taxes

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