Sony's Pin It To Give It

In the spirit of holiday giving, Sony gave $1 to charity for every re-pin on this board. With your help, we raised more the $12,500 in one month. To learn more, visit:

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Sony's Pin It To Give It

Sony's Pin It To Give It

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The TX66... Skinny mini indeed. #PinItToGiveIt

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  • Lisa Bocchino
    Lisa Bocchino

    I love everything Pink!

  • SharonC Douglas
    SharonC Douglas


a65 w/ lens (and on sale!) #PinItToGiveIt

Translucent Mirror Technology DSLR | SLTA65VK
  • Vickie Dearden
    Vickie Dearden

    This is a beauty!

T for thin... the Vaio T series. #PinItToGiveIt

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  • Happy Drains
    Happy Drains

    Really love it.

Another Pinterest darling... the HX30 #PinItToGiveIt

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Portable and pink! #PinItToGiveIt

404 - Sony US

The Vaio E - Practical and stylish with a side of fun extras. #PinItToGiveIt

Sony US - Sony US

For the pros... the F65. #PinItToGiveIt.

Sony Product Detail Page F65RSPAC1

Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. #PinItToGiveIt

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  • Sony Electronics
    Sony Electronics

    Why thank you, Brittney!! We appreciate your support!

  • Savannah Narcise
    Savannah Narcise

    I repinned everything as well :)

  • Mayank Arr'De
    Mayank Arr'De

    I repinned

  • UberPhunk

    anyone like to repin mine stuffs ? :-)

  • hans akrok
    hans akrok

    this is one tough guy.

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Xperia SmartTags... saving you time with a lil NFC technology. #PinItToGiveIt

Xperia SmartTags 2 | NT2TAGS

The new flagship camera - the Sony a99. #PinItToGiveIt

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  • Coco Sanchez
    Coco Sanchez

    I repinned everything!!! ;)

  • Lindsay Brisbin
    Lindsay Brisbin

    I repinned everything! OH MAN, I want this!

  • hans akrok
    hans akrok

    oh la la

Because pink is fabulous... The Vaio S. #PinItToGiveIt

Sony US - Sony US
  • Jean Parks
    Jean Parks

    someday I will have a pink computer, love this!

We call it... wait for it... the G-Tank. #PinItToGiveIt

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  • Pamela Carson
    Pamela Carson

    Love to blast music for our neighborhood parties. Boom Boom.

The camera for the aspiring photographer - the NEX-F3 #PinItToGiveIt

Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera | NEXF3K/B
  • Santé Naturelle
    Santé Naturelle


The a37, one heck of a sophisticated shooter. #PinItToGiveIt

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Vaio L Series - the all in one desktop. #PinItToGiveIt

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  • Pamela Carson
    Pamela Carson

    So in demand. If Santa didn't leave you one under the tree be sure and go to a Sony Store and buy it for yourself.

Part desktop computer, part tablet - the brand new Vaio Tap #PinItToGiveIt

Sony US - Sony US
  • hans akrok
    hans akrok

    the vaio tap look and works great.

  • Adedotun Ajibade
    Adedotun Ajibade

    Are serious? I should stop dreaming of Vaio Duo anymore then

The fitness Walkman W. All music, no cords. #PinItGiveIt

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  • Sarah Knies
    Sarah Knies

    LOVE ♥ Could look less ugly, but the idea is genius!

The handy-dandy waterproof Full HD camcorder. #PinItToGiveIt

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Interchangeable lenses + One of a kind body = New NEX-6. #PinItToGiveIt

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  • Ben Silbermann
    Ben Silbermann

    I bought an RX100 and enjoy it so much I am thinking about the NEX-6. Definitely a very exciting camera.

  • Sony Electronics
    Sony Electronics

    Thanks Ben! Gad to hear you are enjoying the RX100 and yes,the NEX-6 tends to generate quite a bit of excitement :)

Lots of streaming options from the 7.2 Channel Wi-Fi recevier. #PinItToGiveIt

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4K projector - serious man cave material. #PinItToGiveIt

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The one and only, PlayStation 3. #PinItToGiveIt

Sony US - Sony US
  • Jeremiah Bachmann
    Jeremiah Bachmann

    Save your money for Omni.

  • hans akrok
    hans akrok

    goes well with a nice 55" Bravia. might even be soulmates. hah.

  • Realtor Network
    Realtor Network

    That is a 'wow'.

  • Alberto Nun
    Alberto Nun

    Buena imagen que has enviado!

One heck of a zoom - the HX200V. #PinitToGiveit

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