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Western Pygmy Possum

Western Pygmy Possum

The sand cat calls Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and western Asia home. They have fur that grows between their toes, a feature that’s usually reserved for arctic cats, that insulates their paws against the hot sand. They’re also arguably the cutest feline in history, although we must admit that is more of an observation than a scientific fact.

Here Are 15 Rare Species Of Wild Cats That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed. #6 Is Stunning.



Whiskers! | Cutest Paw

Termite Mound in Cape York, Australia.

Pretty. Useful. Stuff.: Art-Full Friday: Bug Beauty


Good Pets For Kids | Pet Snails

Good Pets For Kids | Pet Snails


  • Renee Lufkin
    Renee Lufkin


The Serval has dwindled in numbers due to human population taking over its habitat & hunting for its pelts. The serval is sometimes preyed upon by the leopard & other large cats. The serval is listed as threatened. It is still common—locally in much of sub-Saharan Africa,but extinct in the Cape Province in South Africa. Private game reserves in the Eastern Cape have begun re-introducing the species in the hopes of contributing to the eventual re-establishment of these wild cats in the region.


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The Great Piglet Migration

baby falcon

animaux sauvages et libres

Yoda - the cat with four ears ... AMAZING ❤

sunday stroll

lol. cats.

Supercat Is Ready

Hazel Dormice

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Sheep & Cat Friends

Friendly goat

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Attended a wedding today. They had fancy goats. - Imgur

awwww! Cute! — Good morning! Did you sleep well?


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Pygmy opossum

Bat-Eared Fox by Mark Dumont