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Ten Reasons Why You Should Use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetic's campaign to stop animal testing. So true! Stop animal testing NOW!

60 Day Risk Free - Menopause

Cartoon Playground menopause cartoons, page 2

Reshape your  lashes today!

White, Black and Gold Wedding Make up. The lighter color on the lash line and corner of the eye opens it up as opposed to darker colors which make your eyes look smaller

Has anyone used this app yet?

Create awesome, customized video holiday cards in a few clicks using your iPhone or iPad!

The Photon Infotec news is exciting

this company I am working for just emailed a memo about the Photon Infotec news, I think we're getting new toys to play with!


I love all these outfits but just because you wear cowboy boot or riding boot does NOT make it a "cowgirl" outfit. Cowgirl is deff carhartt and not as cute cowboy boots haha