Effective Study Tips for Stressed High Schoolers

Don't get too stressed high schoolers! Check out these tips to help lower your stress level before going to school!

Teacher Step 6: Read text aloud to students while annotating (third reading)

wwwatanabe: Close Read Complex Text, and Annotate with Diigo--Part Don't forget this one! It is loaded with reading strategies!

13 Incredible Back-To-School Hacks & Tips You Won’t Believe You Survived Without These school tricks are amazing!

Back to School Hacks, Tips and Tricks for New School Year

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If you are in high school (or middle school. Or elementary school. Or college. Or preschool. Basically, “school” in any form) you are probably of the belief that the only way to get great, Rory Gilmore-type grades is through hard, arduous, (metaphorically) back-breaking, Pinterest-and-Tumblr-type picture-perfect studying.

15 Ways To Actually Study If You're Lazy AF

tealattesandnetflix: - Getting an early start on things today. Earl grey tea latte for my caffeine fix. Have my bullet journal and weekly planner from theorganisedstudent to help keep me focused on my tasks today.