im just a normal girl who enjoys dancing.
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Wow haha some of these are dead on

Wow haha some of these are dead on

I have been researching about solar power all day, found tons of great info online.

I would absolutely love to be able to power my entire house from solar energy. I have been researching solar power all day.

My company just sent out a memo about Photon Infotec, any body else work in a place that is talking about it?

this company I am working for just mailed a memo about the Photon Infotec news, I think we're getting new toys to play with.

Time to work out

It seems as if in today's society if we have an issue, we need a drug to cure it. Whether that is caffeine to wake up in the morning, THC to relax, alcohol to socialize or adderall to focus.

I read this recipe and going to make this tonight, Im excited

Me recuerda tanto el childhood! Candy Apples Fresh fall apples are dressed up with a glossy red candy coating. With a simple ingredient list of sugar, water, corn syrup, and red food coloring, this gorgeous treat is budget-friendly too.

mold problems no more!

Hidden Mold - Just because you do not see indoor mold growth does not mean it not there. A mold inspector can help you find the source of symptoms you are experiencing like high humidity, strange smells, or bad air quality.