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That day is everyday. Call me whatever you want, but you know better! What we have was true, based on love. You are my Julia, my world and for better or worse I'll never give up on you!

I hope one day you will remember what I once meant to you and how you could have had a lifetime of me continuing to be there for you, but you choose to crush my heart. We will see what that day brings

I was the one who fell out of love with a guy I thought was my world and watched him be in pain because I no longer felt the same as his feelings for me grew and grew... it is hard not to care when I once felt so strongly for him and it makes it hard to move on and love again... it is hard to wish the best for someone when they think that you are their best but you don't want to be with them

After a break up, maybe one gets hurt more than the other, because during the relationship one falls in love more each day while the other falls out of love

That moment...every time I see him with her and their happy loving family. Which is All. The. Time. I want him to be happy, but it would be so much easier if I didn't have to constantly witness it first-hand. Unclean breaks where you try to continue to be friends are the absolute worst. Either you suffer in silence with a fake smile planted on your face, or you reveal your weakness of not having completely moved on yet, even though you desperately want to. I can't win. fml

That Moment When You Can Actually feel the pain In Your Chest from seeing or hearing somehing that breaks your heart ~ Emotion Quote. Any time my kids get hurt