Sophie le Boursier

Sophie le Boursier

„Ci co śnią za dnia, wiedzą o wielu rzeczach niedostępnych dla tych, co śnią tylko nocą.” - Edgar Allan Poe
Sophie le Boursier
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Tuareg Tisek Rings

Tuareg Rings “Finger rings ‘tisek’ are passed between Tuareg women and men as signs of affection. Those with carnelian setting are believed to have the same properties as ‘tanfouk’ pendants in healing.

Home office

workspace or rather the shelves with pictures arrangement for the living room. Don't know if we'd have 3 shelves but I like this idea to create a changeable arrangement of pictures and items on display. You can also put more or less

Hazelnut ice cream

Hazelnut ice cream recipe - pinned more for the idea of cooking the milk and nuts together than for the actual recipe - perhaps to combine with a custard based recipe