Xcaret Underground River, one of the coolest things we've EVER done...

My husband and I went here for our Anniversary while on a Norwegian Cruise Line about 15 years ago and it really was one of the coolest things we have done on a vacation! Cancun, Mexico- Xcaret Underground River, one of the coolest things you'll ever do!

London, England ~ one of my favourite places

River Thames is most beautiful river.It flows through southern England.This is Longest river in England so also it is second longest in the United Kingdom.(Source) Country- England Source- Thames Head, Gloucestershire, UK Length- 346 km mi)

Prague, Czech Republic - Not a very friendly place

Nowhere on Earth is more Bohemian than Prague. Prague is the former capital of Bohemia and current capital of the Czech Republic. Did you know that Prague has been around for over years?

Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

ISRAEL Wailing Wall Jerusalem, Israel everybody said if you have been there before,you will feel eveything show in your mind.

Edinburgh, Scotland ~ a wonderful British city

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland. Another tick must do there is the Mary Kings close when you get there! my-bucket-list-of-places-in-the-world-i-will-go-to

Oslo // Norway

25 Reasons Norway Is The Greatest Place On Earth