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My digital storytelling e-portfolio.

My digital storytelling e-portfolio.

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My final eportfolio presentation project. Enjoy! Thanks for such a good course.

5.3 activity part 2, my silent film: Christmas in England

5.3 activity Part 1 . My silent film using animoto. Students watch two different videos and from here develop a group presentation.

5.2 activity. A great tool!

Paper for the Web | Padlet A really good tool for collaborative stories. You can add links, pictures etc.

Prezi - Ideas matter.A great tool for your presenations! Recommendable to all.

Collaborative digital story | Padlet My 4.3 activity. Thanks family!

Great free tool to make presentations in an easy way. It allows you to record yourself, upload pictures and documents and create videos.

S . Taylor While Serenity was chatting away all by herself, going through numerous ideas as to who it could have been. Rosco just couldn´t get one thing out of his mind. The Brown business, a year back some dodgy business had been going on at his company and he had been the one to tip the police off about the illegal business happening. " Could this be related?" he thought- surely not. The firm´s attorney had dealt with everything- or not !Also, the cigarette packet was bugging him - they seeme…

Sophie Taylor´s Global Project Evaluation: The Lunchbox Project. This is my activity for module 4. Prezi is easyish to use. A good tool for presentations.

My 3.3 activity. My remix story using Buncee. A really good tool.

6 Simple Ways To Record & Publish Video In The Classroom

This is my 3.2 activity. Scene 6/6 with animoto. It is a great tool to user. I recommend it. User-friendly with lovely results.

Who is it?

3.1 storyboard activity with ios app. A really easy tool to use with quite a lot of options.

This is a great tool to create comics although it only allows you to use four frames.

Comic PART 2 . From Matilda.

comic PART 1 , This is from Matilda.

Here is my comic for the 2 module expressing my feelings so far about the course. I used comic mix.

Our class avatar...not too wild!

Here is my avatar with Dopple me!

A comic showing your emotions. Fun and easy with Make Beliefs Comix

Fun with English: haunted house

Form time Prompt activity on Empathy in Hallowee. Fears and teens. What would you do situation?

Make Beliefs Comix, a good tool to create comics to practise writing.

Great idea for developing class activities!