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Little Girl


Girls Room

Diy Craft

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Butterfly mobile full

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Blue Butterfly

Beautiful Eyes


Eye Art

Makeup Idea


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Funny Animals

Kitty Cat

Cat Food

Funny Cats


Food Network/Trisha

Doesn T Belong

Funny Stuff

One of these things is not like the other. :p

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Cute Animal

Adorable Animals

Baby Owls

Funny Owls

Third Wheel

Burrowing Owls

Cute Owl

@ "Hold still, now...I've almost got it." Third Wheel Owl Kisses (via @onebigphoto)

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Places To Visit

Bucket List

Fairy Pools

Favorite Places Spaces

Skye Scotland

Beautiful Places



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Album Covers

Band Seriously

Madness Shinedown


Albums Worth

Favorite Bands

Music Bands

The O'Jays


I adore this band. Seriously amazing vocalist (in my opinion, of course :p).

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Refinery29from Refinery29

Purrrrfect Styling Tips From Fashion's Hottest Felines

Halloween Costume

Pet Costume

Kitty Cats

Real Hello

White Cats

Cat Costumes

Kitty Kitty

Poor Kitty

Hello Kitty

Hahaha. The poor thing.

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Supernatural Fandom

Winchester Boys

Jared Padalecki

Dean O'Gorman

Supernatural 3

Super Natural

Sam Winchester

Supernatural Fangirl

Sam/Jared <3

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Lost Soul

Young Adult

Cassandra Clare

Instruments Book

Favorite Book

The Mortal Instrument

Mortal Instruments

Books Book

Yay! Love this author. :)

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Japanese Bands


Previous Band


J-rock band. No CD release yet, but I really would like to hear their music. The singer was in a previous band before this one...and that was actually one of the first Japanese bands I really listened to.


Eye Candy

Christian Grey

Damon Salvatore

50 Shades

Fifty Shades

Sexy Men

Ian Somerhalder

Beautiful People

The Vampire Diaries

Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), The Vampire Diaries. At least he doesn't sparkle. mmmmm.......

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Music Miyavi

Asian Music

Asian Celebrieties

Aaamaaazing Miyavi

Asian Idols

Asian Guys

Miyavi Musician

Miyavi again.

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Amber Barnett

Music Miyavi

Japanese Music

Jrock Visual Kei My

Visual Kei Jrock

Miyavi Jrock

Jrock Visual Kei Oshare

J Music

J Rock Visual Kei

Miyavi. Amazing Japanese guitarist. <3

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