Super easy nail polish remover jar

Super Easy Nail Polish Remover Jar DIY: take a cheap sponge and cut it so that it fits snug in a small jar with a lid. Fill about with nail polish remover and twist fingers one at a time in the center of the sponge. This is an excellent idea! :D

easy christmas nails

Holiday manicures - Santa Belt Nails for Christmas! So cute. There's several other pretty nail ideas in the link.

Strengthen your nails by soaking them in warm water and baking soda for 10 minutes once a week. Soften cuticles by dipping them in a bowl of warm olive oil. Push the cuticles back gently with a cotton swab, and use Vitamin E to coat cuticles regularly.

manicure at home -Some simple steps and homemade recipes to give your self a wonderfully pampering manicure ideas

Homemade nail masks and soaks! Definitely trying this one tonight: Hot oil treatment for dry and splitting nails. Heat olive oil (warm to touch). Add some drops of lemon juice. Soak hands and nails for ten minutes. Put on gloves after the hot oil treatment and leave them for 20 minutes or overnight for best results.

Passion Mashing: DIY NAIL WHITENER cup HOT water in a bowl. 4 tablespoons baking soda and disolve in water Add 2 tablespoons of peroxide Soak nails for about a minute Voila! No more stained nails! from souls never wrinkle

6 Simple Ways to Whiten Nails

6 Simple Ways to Whiten Nails. my favorite blue polish always stains my nails, hopefully this will help