Sorceress Rocks

Sorceress Rocks
Dubuque, IA / Street Legal with DOT tires, mufflers, and headlights. SORCERESS® features creature comforts such as a stereo and power windows, but she’s oh so much more.
Sorceress Rocks
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Lyons Drag strip 1971 Don Garets

Colorized version of the iconic photo of Don Garlits' clutch explosion at Lions Drag Strip (Long Beach, CA) that nearly severed his foot. This accident changed the design of Top-Fuel Dragsters forever!

Way to much everything.

- Hey I'm getting better after that video of the breakdown of the engine. I can see the broken bits now.

drag cars | the most unique drag race car wallpaper

the most unique drag race car wallpaper. Drag racing is a competition in which vehicles compete to be the first to cross a set finish line