Dogs Are a Girl's Best Friend - SOLD OUT

Diamonds are NOT a girl's best friend. I'm a girl, I can explain this. I've had a dog for what, 12 going on 13 years now here? Sometimes I feel like he's the only one who cares. He literally comes to me when I'm sad. He understands. Beethoven is my BFF!

Hello! I am Featherkit. I am 7 moons o,d and I am blind in one eye from a fox. I am not shy and I can be very wise at times. I don't like hunting and fighting is ok, but I want to be a med cat, but I don't know what path to choose.

The name's Morgan. I am a lover of the outdoors, photography, travelling, reading, food, and learning. This is my way of compiling what I find aesthetically pleasing, inspiring, humorous, and basically anything that makes me smile. Enjoy! :)