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12 emotions included with this pack including word flashcards. I am going to replicate this for both younger and older kids to identify emotions in social stories.

Turn a Cardboard Box into an Epic Marble Run - Great engineering challenge for kids. Fun group activity to see what each group comes up with!

Turn a Cardboard Box into an Epic Marble Run

Use cardboard, craft sticks, and hot glue to create an epic marble run! The marbles land in paper cups at the bottom of the track. This is a fantastic engineering challenge for kids. How should we position the sticks? Which path will the marbles take?

12 Reciclado Oficios de ganar

12 Recycled Crafts

Try this instead: Mini Lid Banjos that use recycled jar lids as the base for a fun kids’ toy.

Pasa horas de diversión con estos sencillos barquitos, los puedes hacer con ayuda de tus hijos es una divertida manera de pasar una tarde con ellos.

Cómo hacer unos Barquitos Divertidos

Pool noodles, straws and foam triangles to make little sailboats to sail on a tub lake.

Toddler Approved!: Moving Color Targets Game for Toddlers

Moving Color Targets Game for Toddlers

Emparejamiento visual para los primeros momentos con objeto real.

Play Date Idea: Homemade Shape Puzzles!

Puzzle: homemade shape puzzle for kids using household items - trace the items onto a sheet of paper, then give the kids the basket of items to match to the shapes!