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It’s time to change the way we work and care | new economics foundation. Women today are squeezed between pressures to work for a living, and pressures to care. On both sides, the pressures are intensifying. If everyone – male and female – put in 30 hours of paid work a week, instead of 40 hours or more, this would open up a range of opportunities for doing things differently. These arguments are explored in more detail in the forthcoming book Time on our Side: why we all need a shorter work

Word As Bond, Inc. is a new non-profit devoted to offering *FREE* writing workshops to Indianapolis area youth! If you know a young writer (of any kind) send them our way. Spread the word, like our FB page, Donate: #gofundme

Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Train your mind to see the good in everything.🌸

A Mother Filmed Her Daughter Running Through The Yard. Seems Normal, Right? It's Not. This is such a great story

Loving a Child with Mental Illness - She says "Almost immediately after he was born, we realized my son was a very challenging baby. (more on blog) The damage done to a family (especially his sister) while raising and loving a child with such complicated and chronic issues is unfortunate. Living in such a high stress, chaotic atmosphere affects everyone. We do not survive day by day, but minute by minute.

A Domestic Dream: Re-imagining Black Motherhood. Michelle Obama as a role model. The First Lady has taken her licks from feminists for touting her role as “Mom In Chief,” but her self-definition is cause for celebration. Embracing the beauty of domesticity requires a rejection of the patriarchal/capitalist tendency to diminish the value of motherhood. This article also speaks to me as a White SAHM

Two Decades After Genocide, Rwanda’s Women Have Made the Nation Thrive. Rwanda has the highest percentage of women appointed to government in the world. Women account for 64 percent of its parliament. Before the genocide, men made the moneymaking decisions. Now, with women at the helm, the income was being invested in families and households.

It took only one trip to the mall to show Megan Grassell what was wrong with the bra industry. And 10 months of hard work to figure out how to change it. Today, the 18-year-old high school senior from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the founder of Yellowberry, an underwear company that’s making wholesome, age-appropriate bras for girls aged 11-15. That’s the sort of thing Megan couldn’t find a year ago when she took her kid sister Mary Margaret, then 13, shopping for her first bra.

Josh Waitzkin is eight-time national chess champion, world t'ai chi chuan competitor and executive coach to the world's top financial leaders. These are nine tips he offers for how to master anything, at any age. Read the full article at: www.nextavenue.or...

You are one of a kind.

Giving Good Praise to Girls: What Messages Stick.Girls don’t seem to possess that same confidence, and in their efforts to achieve perfection, Dweck’s research shows they shy away from subjects where they might fail. “If you have little failures along the way and have them understand that’s part of learning, and that you can actually derive useful information about what to do next, that’s really useful,” Dweck said

On the Road: A tough teacher's alter ego

It's not about how you feel, how inspired you are, or how brilliant your work is that day. Instead, it's just about "not breaking the chain." So step one is to choose a task that is simple enough to be sustainable. At the same time, you have to make sure that your actions are meaningful enough to matter. All we need is dedication to small, manageable tasks. Mastery follows consistency

To the Woman Behind Me in Line at the Grocery Store. You didn't judge me. You didn't snarl "Maybe you should have less kids." You didn't say "Well, get a job & learn to support yourself." You didn't look away in embarrassment or shame. What you did was you paid that $17.38 grocery bill for us. You gave my kids bananas, yogurt, apple juice, cheese sticks, & a peach ice tea for me; a rare treat & splurge. You let me hug you and promise through my tears that I WILL pay this forward...

This remarkable girl proves the understanding of autism has a long way to go. Carly Fleishman - a story of her life from a little girl to a teenager, and what autism feels like for her, and how her family have helped. Carly is on Facebook

Best Shift Ever - Waitress Receives Life-Changing Tip - YouTube - such an inspiring film

I’m Suzie Sheehy and I’m an accelerator physicist. Advice to my younger self - now I know that lots of different types of people are scientists and that comparing yourself at 16 to some of the greatest scientists in history is rather misguided, to put it mildly. But back then I didn’t know any real working scientists so I didn’t really have any accessible role models to relate to.

A wise woman get's advice from those who naturally excel in areas where she doesn’t. And, when another woman discovers something I’m good at I can help someone else. Isn’t that the beauty of friendship?