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Good snack or side to any meal. Cucumber, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and chile powder on top! I always make this with my Asian cuisine.

Christopher Rodriguez Between Artifice And The Sublime Tom Kondrat Iceland Raphaël Bourelly Felicia Honkasalo Grey Cobalt Wenxin Zhang Five Nights, Aquarium ( nsfw ) Elo Vázquez Jean-louis Van durme Alexandra Serrano Doug Dubois My Last Day at Seventeen …

wallacegardens: “ Microscopical: Plate L and Scales of various butterflies Eye of Hemerobius Wing of Peacock Butterfly Poppy Seeds Wing-case of Green Weevil Egg of Red Underwing...

Pelican Fish, Living lights : a popular account of phosphorescent animals and vegetables, by Charles Frederick Holder,

Das Militärmuseum Fort Klapperkop in Pretoria in Südafrika

Southern Carmine Bee-eaters. Carmine Bee-eaters are social birds breeding in colonies on river banks and foraging out over open country. They are attracted to bush fires and hawk around the edges. This species occurs across sub-equatorial Africa.

Image of Citrus limon - Encyclopedia of Life

RAY House / Apollo Architects & Associates

Built by Apollo Architects & Associates in Setagaya, Japan with date Images by Masao Nishikawa. The site for this project was located in a quiet, elevated residential neighborhood surrounded by lush greenery, and ...

"I haven't talked about the Smiths today yet," says Johnny Marr upon answering our phone call to do just that, "which is unusual." Such is life when you played

Wild animals of North America, intimate studies of big and little creatures of the mammal kingdom. - National Geographic, By Edward W Nelson (the arctic explorer) w/illustrations by Louis Agassiz Fuertas