Nick Carraway served in and came back believing that the world should be in uniform.Pg I graduated from New Haven in just a quarter of a century after my father, and a little later i participated in that delayed Teutonic migration known as the Great War.

Author Joseph Conrad born on this day, December Of his book Nostromo, which Modern Library lists among the top 100 English language books of the century, F. Scott Fitzgerald has remarked, "I'd rather have written Nostromo than any other novel."

Ella Fitzgerald I had an opportunity to see Ella in Dallas back in the early I would have been the escort for a female, AT executive from NJ. Even though I was the only volunteer it was determined that I wasn't black enough......

Welcome to Pianoing. A little Lost? It's like The Pianist meets Julie & Julia without the Nazis and warbly French voice. Check the about page for more details. If you like music, kittens or just breath air you should subscribe […]

Of the two greatest female singers of the jazz era, the langorous and mournful Billie Holiday, seen here performing in was the "moon" to the ebullient and energetic Ella Fitzgerald's "sun." Photo by William P. Gottlieb. A very brief...

I'm going away tonight…. Who: James Brown Source: Charles Bobbit, Brown's longtime personal manager and friend Note: James Brown uttered his last words minutes before his death, and then he took three, long quiet breaths and closed his eyes.

Ella Fitzgerald performing in a jazz club with Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman in the audience -- Photo by Herman Leonard, NYC, 1948

Steve McQueen by William Claxton "One time when I was with him, he drove a brand new Ford convertible, with only thirty miles on the speedometer, at top speed for such a long stretch of the Texas highway that the...

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