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Amy’s new book which I illustrated is now available on Amazon! :D Six Months To Sexy Legs

I tried so hard to like it but blergh my taste buds would have none of it

Quote suggested by scianaphobia :)

prettyandlean: arthlete♥ Nice! ♥

I amuse myself by imagining how my 16-year-old self would’ve reacted to the idea of running in front of people. For longer than a minute. In broad daylight. XD

I need to remember this :/

…the truth is I just wanted to draw hair.

Got the hots for that gritty, sclereid-y taste.

I think I’ll just make a series of crazed girl drawings like this featuring my favorite foods and hope that I make at least one of you uncomfortable.

…literally and figuratively.

"You’re not fat. You have fat."  I got a lot of messages like that when I called myself fat in a selfie I posted a few days ago. I appreciate the intention, but try as I might I can’t bring myself to care about the message simply because I don’t get it. What’s so wrong with using the adjective fat? Is it so bad that we have to skirt around the truth and structure sentences so we can distance ourselves from it as much as we can?  Fat is just a word. It’s an adjective and a noun. We all have fat but not all of us are fat, which is why saying I have fat is not the same as saying I am fat. I understand that the whole 'you have fat' idea is trying to achieve something positive, but I think it's also contributing to our fixation on the word fat and reinforcing the negativity we have come to associate with it. Fat is not an insult, but in the end it’s up to you if you’ll take it as one. But here’s what I suggest: If you’re fat, be comfortable with saying you’re fat because I bet Dany’s dragons that it’s not the only thing you are. You’re smart, funny, talented, brave, thoughtful, kind, loyal, and a dozen other things that having a fat body won’t change. P.S. Anyone who thinks fat=ugly clearly hasn’t seen Rebel Wilson in leather.

I can’t believe it’ll be June soon but May has been so horrible I’m just glad for a fresh start.

I got a lot of love from Tyra this month so I thought I’d draw her again :)

They are, aren’t they? :)

That ARThletic Girl

Props to everyone who said 2013 is going to be their year and have actually made it happen. For the rest of us…well, 2013 is far from over! :>

Ha, mine!

This has been a public service announcement.

I hate the sun, sand, and surf, but maybe you don’t so this one’s for you!

blogilates: Hey guys! Try this Butt on Fire routine once through a few times a week for strong glutes and a bubble butt look! Click to enlarge and print. You can also watch THIS VIDEO to follow along! <3 Cassey Here’s the next printable from the On Fire Series!

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